Davide, who thanks to his experience has made the sun even more shining, for several years he has also taught cooking classes both in Ranco and at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana.

Today, the soul of this corner of the lake is Davide, who with his expert cuisine manages to link new techniques and tradition. With simplicity Davide has become a point of reference not only for lovers of the lake but above all for lovers of good food.

Always flanked by Cristina who, for love, has decided to share this passion with him, and Andrea, his brother, who follows him with his attention to detail in terms of hospitality, Davide carries on the dream of his whole family since ever .


A decisive turning point was introduced by Carlo Brovelli who took over from his father after a long period spent abroad perfecting and developing technique and creativity. After finishing the hotel school in Stresa, in fact, Carlo continued his training in the best restaurants and hotels in Switzerland, France and Germany, returning to the sun with a considerable wealth of experience.

The refinement and care in the preparation of the food, in the aesthetic aspect of the courses and the dining room service encountered on these occasions, became for Carlo the starting points from which to renew and transform the management of the Sun. Alongside Carlo, in the years dedicated to the development and renewal of the restaurant and hotel, his wife Itala, an indefatigable promoter of innovation and modernity, while respecting traditions.

The very beginning

Ranco, which in 1850 had few houses and a small church, was one of the favorite destinations of the Milanese aristocracy, attracted by the beauty of the places and the hunting and fishing trips.

Guests arrived with carriages pulled by pairs of horses and found refreshment and accommodation at the Locanda del Sole, a name that derives from its happy location in front of the quiet panorama of the lake, in the midst of the greenery and silence of the large garden, always flooded with light. The seven rooms were then taken care of by grandmother Brovelli.

In the summer, under the fresh pergola, you could taste the local specialties. Until 1950, the Sole was a restaurant frequented by family day-trippers and cohabitants.

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