Restaurant & Hotel

Il Sole di Ranco

Guests can enjoy the delicious flavors of the sun in one of the restaurant’s enchanting rooms and also enjoy the hotel’s comfortable lake view welcome.

The Chef

Davide Brovelli

The restaurant, founded in 1850 by the Brovelli family, is now in the expert hands of Davide who, with his cuisine, has made it even more shining. Davide also has been cooking for several years in both Ranco and La Cucina Italiana.

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The Story

Ranco, which in 1850 had few houses and a small church, was one of the favorite destinations of the Milanese aristocracy, attracted by the beauty of the places and the hunting and fishing trips. Guests arrived with carriages pulled by pairs of horses and found refreshment and accommodation at the Locanda del Sole

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What to do in Ranco

Ranco directly overlooks the Lombard shores of Lake Maggiore between the municipalities of Ispra and Angera. It is a very renowned place both for the beauty of its nature and for its proximity to characteristic places such as the Rocca Borromeo or the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso.

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